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RK SMK-D10 digital scanning controller
  • Uses and features
  • Specification parameter
    Product features

    ●Designed with high-speed CPU to ensure stability and accuracy of scanning pattern;
    ●Arranged with LCD with big screen for display of all parameters,for operational convenience and visual easiness;
    ●Provided with a number of preset scanning patterns for users;
    ●Accurate in control of frequency that can be modified within 0~200Hz by stepping adjustment of 0.1Hz.
    ●Arranged with a memory for storage of 24 sets of user configuration parameter;
    ●Optimized functional configurations of the hand-held manipulator for convenience of operation;
    ●Deployed with RS232 communication interface for communication with the industrial computer;
    Technical indices

    ●Power supply source: 220V±10%AC,50Hz±1Hz;
    ●Output current: +1.5A~-1.5A(AC+DC);
    ●Form of the communication interface: RS232 serial port;
    ●power consumption lower than 200W;
    ●Maximum quantity of project parameters for storage and calling: 24 sets
    ●Overall dimension: W480×H133×D433(mm)
    ●Varieties of scanning patterns: round,square,line and other figures (for example,triangle form